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Hometown: Penndel, PA

Michael Connor was born and raised in Penndel, Pennsylvania:

home to the largest strip of used car dealerships in the world  Growing up in this cultural vortex, Mike could enjoy the simple pleasures of listening to neighbors publicly argue about the height of HAM radio towers and greeting the local juvenile delinquents as they cut through his yard en route to the town forest where they could huff a wide array of substances. 

After his NBA career was tragically cut short before it even began due to an ACL injury (where they totally had to, like, take a piece of a dead guy, like a cadaver er whatever, and like, sew it into his body 'n junk), Mike decided to take up a trade a bit more dependable than that of a professional athlete/adonis.  He decided to try his hand at comedy.

At Oberlin College-- where ringworm was not invented, but perfected-- Mike founded the sketch comedy troupe Piscapo's Arm which quickly made a name for itself as "that group with that guy from that class I had that one semester". 

Upon returning to the Philadelphia area after graduation, Mike became a founding member of the N Crowd.  He quickly distinguished himself comedically through his hilarious shoulder-hair and musty odor. 

If you ever need a big loudmouth to rile up a bunch of kids, Mike is the obvious choice.  By day, they give him health and dental to make kids laugh at a children's museum.  He is also the MC of the Spinners, Philadelphia's professional Ultimate Disc team.  Mike was one half of the musical-comedy duo The Hopper Brothers and produced three albums for them. 

When Mike isn't saying dumb stuff in front of an audience, he can often be found riding his bike really fast into dangerous situations.  Watch for his upcoming solo album: Privatepartasaurus.
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