12 Years of N Crowd Memories!

The N Crowd has been performing short-form improv comedy in Philadelphia for the past 12 years! In that time the show has seen more than 50 cast members come through. In late 2016, we added another dozen talented Philadelphia improvisers to our ranks.

In honor of our upcoming 12 year anniversary show at the Ruba Club this month, some of the new cast members want to share what they love about the N Crowd.


Neil Bardhan The N Crowd Philalphia Improv ComedyNeil Bardhan

Cast member since 2016

“One of my favorite memories was from what was my first or second practice with The N Crowd. Rebecca did a scene with Corey and she made him tie her shoes. Both of them. It was emotionally very spicy and touching. It also felt like a very goofy bold choice to show the kind of relationship they had in the scene. In shows, I always crack up at the brilliant characters people create for Advice Panel. Jamie had one in early 2017 that was this late-18th-Century German loudmouth who smoked constantly and had time traveled. He committed so hard to the voice and mannerisms.”


Ashley Fee The N Crowd Short Form Improv Comedy PhiladelphiaAshley Fee

cast member since 2016

“James and I were playing Little Voice and our suggestion was ‘jump-rope.’ I was the voice of his shoes and I basically made him jump and lunge around the stage the whole time without stopping to help him get back with his girlfriend. It was very funny! That was when I felt like a real member of the N Crowd with my fellow newbie James!”




RJ Payne The N Crowd Philadelphia ImprovRJ Payne

Cast member since 2016

“My favorite N Crowd moment (so far!) happened in a show. We were playing the make up a game, game. My game was supposed to start with the letter “N” and I created the game “Knickers,” which of course starts with a silent “K.”  Well wouldn’t ya know everyone in the game backs my inadvertent move and makes a game with a silent K, culminating at the end when Chris jumps out and says his game is “Knives, knives, knives!”; the point of which is to talk in sentences that contain at least one word with a silent letter, or you’re eliminated. It was one of those simple mistakes that in improv can turn into something beautiful, with supportive scene partners.”


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What: The N Crowd’s 12 Year Anniversary Show

When: Friday, April 21st

Where: Ruba Club, 414 Green Street, Philadelphia, 19123

Details: 8 pm  •  Only $12 online  •  Cash bar

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