12 Years of N Crowd Memories!

Happy Birthday to us! The N Crowd has been performing short-form improv comedy in Philadelphia for the past 12 years! A lot has changed in the world in these past years – and the N Crowd has been making people laugh through it all. In honor of our upcoming 12 year anniversary show at the Ruba Club this month, we are sharing some of our favorite memories and what we love about the N Crowd. What do you love about the N Crowd? Share it with us! #myncrowdmemory.


Kristen Burke Sorge The N Crowd Philadelphia Improv ComedyKristen Burke Sorge

Cast member since 2014

“One of my favorite memories was when I got sick and we were doing the a special show at the Ruba. The cast warmed up before the show by making up eulogies for me for things I’d never done (stopping the Iraq war, helping someone pass calculus…)”





Karen Coleman The N Crowd Philadelphia Improv ComedyKaren Coleman

Cast member since 2013

“No matter what is happening in the world, or during the work week grind, or if I am feeling upset or anxious about something, I know I can come to The N Crowd on Friday nights and just have the show, my friends in the cast, and the performance to focus on, like nothing else matters. The rest of the week melts away. Its a very meditative and soul-cleansing experience! I recommend it!”




James Knight aka Yummus The N Crowd Philadelphia Improv ComedyJames Knight

Cast member since 2016

“There was a moment where Kristen Schier and I were playing old job/new job and as a suggestion, Kristen was given the job of a clown and I could barely keep it together while in the scene. It was so fun playing the opposite of her clown in that game! Also, playing/watching Advice Panel with Sarah as one of the characters is a recurring highlight. I’ve shared the stage with a guy tripping on hallucinogens, someone who has been to “the other side” & if I’m not mistaken, The Devil.”



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What: The N Crowd’s 12 Year Anniversary Show

When: Friday, April 21st

Where: Ruba Club, 414 Green Street, Philadelphia, 19123

Details: 8 pm  •  Only $12 online  •  Cash bar

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