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Katie Hewko-Dykes

Performing Since - April 2023

After a lifetime of comedy and theater experience, Katie Hewko-Dykes (she/her) still has no idea what she’s doing. Between ALMOST majoring in theater at Pennsylvania State, taking countless classes across the country and locally at PHIT, Off Mic Comedy School, Liberty Improv Theater, and a handful of other schools, writing and performing stand-up comedy for over 15 years, cofounding the team Daddy Issues, hosting various corporate and philanthropic comedy events, writing and producing sketches on Raisin Brain, joining house teams at PHIT (Schmooty, Kitchen Sink, and Pretty Harry) and Comedy Sportz (Nobody But You!), you’d think she’d have SOMETHING figured out, right? Well, she doesn’t. But she somehow has failed upwards and is ready to laugh with and support her teammates and friends on The N Crowd!

You can follow her for any performance and project updates on Instagram.

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Katie Hewko-Dykes has been performing with The N Crowd since April 2023.
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