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Who is in The N Crowd?

Improv comedy for team-building!

Disguised as playing and having fun, improv can foster creativity and collaboration, improve public speaking, encourage communication, and build trust among co-workers. The N Crowd would love to work with you to create a workshop to help you have fun and strengthen your team. We would travel to you and workshops can last up to 3 hours. Fill out the booking request form for more information or email us at

Looking for something fun to do on Friday Night?

The N Crowd is a long-standing, top-notch improv comedy show that performs Fridays at 8 pm at the Sawubona Creativity Project, 1935 East Passyunk Avenue. With over 1,200 performances under their belt and appearances at festivals throughout the East Coast, they offer an entirely unscripted, audience-driven experience using popular and unique improv games. While the show is not always family-friendly, it is generally open to all ages, and private shows are available for hire. Additionally, The N Crowd offers team-building workshops that promote collaboration, creativity, communication, and trust among colleagues.


Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door. We bring you unscripted, top-notch improv comedy Philadelphia can see every week!

The N Crowd has performed over 1,500 times in the Philadelphia area as well as improv festivals in Toronto, Richmond, Baltimore, and North Carolina. We are one of the best comedy shows in Philadelphia and have won “Best Comedy Club” on the Philly Hot List several times over the past decade. Our show has been mentioned as a great place for comedy by Philly VoicePatch.comPottstown MercuryPhilly Mag, and CBS 3. When you are looking for comedy shows in Philadelphia that have massive audience participation and are entirely unscripted, our show is the Friday night comedy show for you!

Interested in booking The N Crowd for your event? Please fill out our online booking request form.

What is improv comedy? 

Short form improv comedy is a style of improvisational comedy in which performers create scenes, characters, and jokes on the spot based on audience suggestions, often using a set of pre-determined games or formats. In short form improv, scenes are typically shorter and more focused on rapid-fire jokes and comedic situations than in long form improv. Examples of short form games include “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”, “Scenes from a Hat”, and “Party Quirks”. Short form improv is often performed in comedy clubs, theaters, and festivals, and is a popular form of entertainment due to its fast-paced and unpredictable nature.

Do I have to be 21 to see your improv comedy show?
Is your show appropriate for minors?

In most cases, our shows are open to all ages. When we perform at the Sawubona Creativity Project, no food or drinks are served, so attendees of any age are welcome. However, if you see us performing at a different location, there may be age restrictions. Our current weekly performance location is a BYOB theater, so please bring drinks or snacks responsibly. We cannot provide cups or store anything at our location.


Please note that the N Crowd’s Friday night shows are not “family-friendly”. The content of our show is solely based on the suggestions we receive from the audience, and it varies from week to week. Therefore, we cannot predict with certainty how each show will go, but we strive to maintain classiness. If you are comfortable with occasional adult situations and language, then our show should be enjoyable for you.

Is The N Crowd’s improv comedy show available for hire and private shows?  

While we perform improv comedy every Friday night in Philadelphia at the Sawubona Creativity Project, we are also available for hire! We’ve performed improv comedy for birthdays, conferences, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and other special events. Our comedy troupe can come to you, or you can come to us. In some cases, with advanced notice, you can buy out one of our Friday night shows. Jefferson University does this for students during their Finals Week. We can also work with you to produce a show at a great venue that hosts many of our anniversary shows: The Ruba Club. Contact us today, and we’ll be able to find the right comedy solution for you. We have years of experience and can tailor our show to fit your needs! Interested in booking The N Crowd for your event? Please fill out our online booking request form

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