12 Years of N Crowd Memories!

Kristen Schier, Artistic Director and cast member since 2005

The N Crowd has been performing short-form improv comedy in Philadelphia for the past 12 years! We couldn’t have done it without the overwhelming support and love from friends, family, and fans over the years.

In honor of our upcoming 12 year anniversary show at the Ruba Club this month, we want to share just a few reasons why we love the N Crowd. Here is a memory from our beloved Artistic Director, Kristen Schier:


Kristen Schier | Artistic Director | The N Crowd | Philadelphia Improv Comedy

“I have a ton of favorite memories. One time in particular stands out to me. Upon being prompted for a relationship, the audience called out “PIMP AND WHORE!” Without missing a beat, Mike Connor established himself as the whore and the two of us played a scene that had a character arch of the pimp examining their life. The scene was not only funny but also totally defied expectations and the typical power dynamic.”




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What: The N Crowd’s 12 Year Anniversary Show
When: Friday, April 21st
Where: Ruba Club, 414 Green Street, Philadelphia, 19123
Details: 8 pm • Only $12 online • Cash bar

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